Marketing Support


Working with the operation team we created and executed a full marketing plan. This included using traditional and digital marketing channels.

PR & Media Buying

PR & Media Buying

We maximising national and local press exposure by working with the various magazines and newspapers. Alongside, the PR, we negotiated the best rates for advertising in print and digital.

Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Working with the sales team we helped improve the exposure of all sponsors and designed new channels for the sales team to sell.

Live Marketing

On the Day

Attending each show we were required to use the social media channels to communicate events happening throughout the day, share content and push 2nd day sales. We also managed the photographer and videographer on the day.

Sell out crowds

When Fast Car Entertainment approached Plugged In Media ticket sales and sponsorship money were down. We were required to create a marketing plan that would help reduce marketing spend but maximise marketing reach.

Our plan looked at reducing the amount of paid for marketing activities, maximising attendees engagement and creating compelling content.

A Fresh Approach

Previously, the shows relied heavily on paid for advertising in newspapers, magazines and websites. Whilst analysis previous data we saw opportunities to cut the amount spent through these channels and redirects the spend to content creation and social advertising. We looked at transforming the cast the large net out approach to a more concentrated individual marketing strategy.

The Results

We had success across the board helping them reduce marketing spend, improve ticket sales and give the commercial team more tools for sponsors.

Through a strong live marketing on the day helped us also net a big increase in 2nd day gate sales.